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LFM: From team notes to presentation Meteor.js+Reveal.js+PowerPoint

Hey guys,
we (1 designer + 1 tinkerer) are looking for more. We've had our share of successful hackathons and always look for new people.

Our itch:

PowerPoint or Google Docs kill the atmosphere when you sit in a team and when to talk an think about the structure and content of something that will one day be a presentation.

Hack: We want something more minimal kind of like "mockups" for presentations but collaborative:

1. We love the simplicity of markup editors.
2. Reveal.js is great for presenting the simple text in a nice Look and feel.
3. We'd love to build something collaborative / real-time in meteor.js et al.

Come join us + we are flexible on everything :-)



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    Cool idea, but it looks like you are already working on something similar

    We are supposed to start from scrach. ¿?

  •   •   almost 10 years ago

    Glad you like the idea, what are you up to?

    And don't worry this completely unrelated. The use case is completely different this hack is meant for creating presentations in a group. SlideProof is for checking existing PPT presentations.

    Also the tech is miles apart. For the hack we look at Meteor.js and we have never built anything with any thing like it.

    SlideProof is done in .net C# it's a Add-In for Microsoft PowerPoint on Windows Desktop.


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