•   almost 10 years ago

fork my religion

Hey guys, I want to hack belief systems - we have a real problem today with this these days - I don't think I need to explain the problem too much.

Anyway, as geeks we understand how git makes collaboration more effective. Why don't we use concepts from git to create a platform for creating and enhancing belief systems.

You create your belief system on our platform with some core tenants and people can improve it with pull requests. If you really feel like Martin Luther, you can fork a belief system and make it better.

I'm a Ruby on Rails developer with a fair bit of Javascript experience (working with ember js at the moment)

Please give me a shout at africajam@hotmail.com if you want to work with me.


  •   •   almost 10 years ago

    That sound interesting, people can create their own religions, follow them and fork them. This could be a fun app to build on github api.

  •   •   almost 10 years ago

    Sounds great! Use the Github API, it has everything you need :)

  •   •   almost 10 years ago

    Looking for some inspiration for Africajam :)

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