•   about 10 years ago

Eat better around you

Hey guys,

on my daily lunch runs out of office I encounter the same problem again and again: What exact meal should I eat to stay healthy and to follow my diet?

I wanna build a virtual nutrition assistant, which suggests me the right meals around me according to my diet and nutrition needs.

I would use the Yelp or Foursquare API to locate the restaurants around me, analyse their menus and match the specific dishes with a food databases like nutritionix.com or fddb.info to understand better, what's inside those meals. Then you could suggest meals according to the needs of the specific person using their individual data like activity level, weight, programme etc.

So if anybody is remotely interested to eat better and healthier without having to eat all the time salad ;), let's get in touch - Alex alex@schikalow.de


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