Open Radioactivity Warning System

As a project we are developing an Open Radioactivity Warning System. The goal of this project is to establish a global network of sensor nodes for radioactivity, which transmit their measurement result in combination with their geographical location in regular intervals to a central server. The server is responsible for communication with the sensor nodes and the visualization of the data.

Why do we do this? You can look in the history back as long as atomic power plants exist – whenever a accident happened and radioactive materials leaked out of the power plant neither the authorities nor the power plant owner informed the public correctly or in time. Even worse, sometimes the public was even intentionally lied to. To prevent this scenario in future we want to establish the afore mentioned global sensor node network which will enable the people to see for themselves, rather than to have trust in institutions that already failed them in the past.

How do we do this? By using Arduino Ethernet Boards we are enabling standard Geiger-Counters to be plugged into the internet. The sensor nodes communicate with the server using an open xml-style protocol. The server parses this protocol and stores the data into a MySQL-Database. The Web-Frontend utilizes the database to draw an up-to-data-world map representing the displaying the current radioactive levels as measured by the sensor nodes.

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